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Custom Design

For a truly custom design, KD Residential Design strives to ensure our client’s specific needs and style are reflected in their home. Our custom homes are functional, unique and designed to perfectly complement daily routines and lifestyles.

KDRD has met with many clients and designed many homes and no matter what the size or style of the home is, each project starts in the same place. We need to understand exactly what our clients are imagining and dreaming, to create an ideal design. To accurately portray our client’s vision, we ask many questions. Below are just a few items to review.


  • Why the desire to build (up-size, down-size, increase functionality)
  • What do you really like and dislike about your current home
  • Will this be a long term home


  • Where are you building
  • Are there any scenic views to acknowledge on the property, if so which rooms in the house should benefit from these views
  • What is the sun’s orientation on your property
  • Are there any architectural controls

The Basics

  • What kind of home do you want to build (2-stories / bungalow / bi-level / walk-out)
  • What is the total square footage desired
  • What rooms are required on each floor of the home
  • Is there a garage
  • What kind of style and finishes are preferred on the exterior of the home

Into the Details

  • What is the first thing you want to see when you enter your new home
  • Are there any key elements or focal points you wish for your home (2-storey space, vaulted ceiling, dropped entry, walk-through pantry, bonus room, stone wall, fireplace, window wall, etc.)
  • Are there any images of homes, either interior or exterior, that are desirable and accurately reflect your vision
Talented, Capable and Extremely personable!

“Karen Richinski was recommended to me by Somerset Homes in Sylvan Lake AB. They touted her capabilities to me quite highly. She did not disappoint. I found Karen to be talented, capable and extremely personable. Which to me is the whole package. I have often recommended Karen to others, who are looking to custom design their own dream homes.”

Dixie Getzinger