Simple and Precise


The goal of KD Residential Design is to accurately portray all the information we gather from our clients into a functional, creatively designed and aesthetically pleasing home. This is the passion of KDRD, taking in all the information and creating a one-of-a-kind perfect design. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear how happy our clients are with the finished product. As daunting as designing a new home may sound, this is where KDRD excels. By asking the right questions, a truly unique custom home will be tailored to each specific need and the desired style.

The process is simple…

Initial Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to find out exactly what our clients are looking for in their new home. Many items are discussed at this meeting with a few being square footage, exterior style, location, daily habits, routines and of course the clients wish list. See Custom Design for more information.

Preliminary Drawings

The preliminary drawings consist of simple, conceptual floor plans and elevations (exterior views) of the home. Until we have our clients full approval and they love the design, we stay in this preliminary stage. Multiple options are often created for our clients to ensure they are getting the best design to suit their needs.

Working Drawings

After the preliminary drawings have been approved, the working drawings are completed. These are the drawings that are submitted for the permits, delivered to the trades and the suppliers, and also used to physically build the home. The working drawings consist of Floor Plans, Elevations, Building Sections, and Details. If requested Electrical Plans and a Site Plan will also be provided.

Customer Care

Although the design is done, if questions arise please call. Not sure who to hire for the build or questions throughout the build process, we are here to help. KDRD works with multiple award winning home builders and is continually growing relationships with many trades and suppliers to offer suggestions and advice throughout the build.

Excellent Attention to Detail!

“The team at T.W.T appreciates the precision and attention to detail that we find in a KD Residential Design blueprint. The blueprints clearly communicate every aspect of the project, providing a smoother building experience.”

John DeRegt, Timber Wolf Truss